Blackpool Air Show


Hotels Near Blackpool Air ShowDazzling and daring, the Blackpool air show has been delivering high quality aviation entertainment for years. In fact, the Blackpool Air show is one of the oldest ongoing aviation shows in the world with more than 100 years of performances. Each year has brought new additions to the show as well as some of the favorites of years past. The show merges the thrill of tumbles and acrobatics with the awe inspiring flyovers of various aircrafts. The Blackpool Air Show spans over two days and is catered to viewers of all ages. So if you like Red Arrows, wing walkers, and jet planes, than the Blackpool air show is for you.

Blackpool Air Show is offered free to the public and attracts thousands of viewers every year.

Red Arrows

One of the best known and most anticipated acts in the Blackpool Air Show are the performances given by the Red Arrows. In years past, the Red Arrows have flown alongside sea birds, made a dynamic imagery (including a red heart with an arrow piercing it), and of course the 5 colored rainbow. The tightness of the formation and the dynamic acrobatics which are performed seamlessly across the sky is enough to leave any onlooker in awe.


The wingwalker portion of the Blackpool Air Show is something that pushes the bounds of death defying feats. During the act, performers take to the skies and then take to the wings of their aircraft. Onlookers hold their breath as the performers walk the wings while their planes push forward at high speeds. What makes the act more thrilling is that you are not watching just one performer walk the wing of the plane but several different performers working close together, sometimes wingtip to wingtip. This act is truly one of a kind and should not be missed.

Tucano and other jets

All of the entertainment is not just for thrill seekers, however. The Blackpool Air Show also has several segments in which the power of Britian’s Air Force is displayed. The large Tucano is one such act. Granted, it is not the fast flying, high speed jets that one would expect to see in combat, but the enormity of the plane as it is accompanied by other jets gives the viewer a sense of the power and might of Britain’s Air Force, especially if you are sitting in an area which gets shadowed by as the Tuncano passes.

Other performances in the Blackpool Air show usually include the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, and a series of Biplanes. It is not uncommon either to have a few helicopters perform in the show. To add some laughter to the mix, the Calidus Gyrocopter has made its presence for a number of years. Compared to the larger jets, the high performances, and the military aircraft, the Gyrocopter may be the quaintest and amusing feature of the show.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Perhaps the star of the show is the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Using authentic planes, the sky comes alive in a reenactment that will leave you breathless. Combining acrobatics, near collision maneuvers, as well as carefully implementing smoke dynamics, the viewer can experience the Battle of Britain with a fairly high level of authenticity.

Entertainment on the ground and in the sky

The Blackpool Air Show has many entertaining acts both in the sky and on land. After taking in a show, feel free to stroll around and experience the various forms of entertainment on the ground. The Farris Wheel on Central Pier, as well as the roller-coaster is usually sought after by many of the people who attend as well as the various stands and vendors.

Come to the Show

This year the Blackpool Air Show will begin at 1pm August 9th with an opening act from the Red Arrows and continue till Monday around 5pm with a performance by the RAF Typhoon. Each day has 12 performances of more.

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