Blackpool Aquarium

Hotels Near Blackpool AquariumVisiting the coast and enjoying the beach offers a level of entertainment, but what happens when the weather gets too hot or if there is rain? SEA LIFE Blackpool aquarium located in Lancashire can provide the aquatic experience you are looking for in the comfort and safety of an interior location. With over 2000 sea creatures, you are sure to find something unique and exciting at the Blackpool aquarium.

An aquatic experience you can hold

SEA LIFE Blackpool has an interactive rockpool exhibit. Here, you can let yourself (or your little ones) know what the skin of a starfish feels like, hold a crab, touch experience shelled creatures, and learn about limpets and sea squirts. Though some of the creatures may look a little weird, every animal in the Interactive Rockpool is safe to handle.

Graceful Creatures

One of the majestic features of aquatic life is how they can glide across the water with ease. The Blackpool aquarium is home to a number of creatures which have become iconic for their grace and beauty in the water. The jellyfish displays a canopy umbrella like creatures while the Stingrays take to the water on gliding wings.

There are also schools of fish of a variety of species that grace the water as well as independent soles, such as the clownfish. Underwater communities are much like our social groups; each creature has its own personality. With over 2000 sea creatures, you are encouraged to come and find a fish that mimics your own personality whether that be the seahorse, the squid, the stingray, or the shark.

Paula the Octopus and Napoleon the Humphead Wrasse

Where there are a great many favorites to be found at SEA LIFE BLACKPOOL aquarium, two creatures seem to draw quite a large crowd. The first is Paula the Octopus. The aquarium boasts that Paula was able to accurately predict the World Cup Scores and the outcome of 6 Nations matches using the collection of acquired objects within her lair. You can bet that a visit to her tank will prove most entertaining.

The second of the two aquatic stars is Napoleon the Humphead Wrasse. Napolean is a bright bluish/greenish fish that lives within the shark tank. Do not be concerned, the sharks are probably more afraid of him then he is of them as Napolean is the largest fish at SEA LIFE. Napolean is a specialty fish acquired from Australia to participate in a unique captive-breeding program.

The Shark Experience

If looking at aquatic animals is not the thrill that you are seeking, perhaps a dive in the shark tank will get your blood pumping. The Shark Experience is one of the top attractions of the Blackpool aquarium. The experience allows you to swim with the sharks in a deep snorkeling, or you can take part in the shark feeding to provide a meal to over 20 sharks!

If you still want to get more out of your day, the shark keeper for a day experience puts you in the driver’s seat of the experience. You get to take a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium learning food preparations, water temperature test, Shark feeding, snorkeling with the sharks, interactions with the octopuses, and of course a certificate and photograph to prove that you did it all.


Depending on the level of entertainment that you are seeking, a trip to SEA LIFE Blackpool aquarium can cost you as little as £12 per person (when pre-booking during the promotional period) and up to £99 per person (if you purchase the Shark Keeper for the day). With each purchase of specialty packages, £5 goes to the SEA LIFE Trust.

Visiting the Blackpool Aquarium

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