Blackpool Breaks

Blackpool Hotel BreaksBlackpool is one of the most extensively toured locations in the world. Housing some of the best attractions with a large diversity of attractions, a visit to Blackpool is sure to provide the entire family with activities and events. Here are just a few of the entertainment options you may want to experience while taking your Blackpool breaks.


If you are a thrill seeker, then you will be pleased to know that Blackpool’s pleasure beach has 10 operational rollercoasters. Built in both the wooden as well as the steel construction design, the roller coasters of pleasure beach showcase the vintage as well as the modern making this one of the top attractions of the blackpool area.

These are the rollercoasters in order of their design:

Big Dipper (1923), Rollercoaster (1933), Zipper Dipper (1934), Grand National (1935), Wild Mouse (1958), Steeplechase (built in 1977 it is the first steel rollercoaster built on Pleasure beach), Irn Bru Revolution (1979), Avalanche (1988), Pepsi Max Big one (1994), and the newest rollercoaster (built in 2007 under designer Vekoma) the Infusion.

The Opera House and Winter Gardens

Take a blackpool break at the opera house or the winter gardens. Both locations are known throughout the world for having some of the top most performances and shows. This year, Illuminasia will be featured at the Winter gardens and the award winning performance of CATS will be offered at the Blackpool Opera House. Illuminasia is the largest indoor illumination experience in the Word. From walking through a garden from an ant perspective, to being a guest at an imperial hall, the lights and artistry of Illuminasia is something every visitor needs to experience. Whether you are attending the Opera House or the Winter Gardens, each one of these performances is sure to provide you with a great evening of entertainment after a long day on the pier.

Sandcastle Water Park

Sandcastle Water Park is the perfect Blackpool break for a hot day. The park has several water chutes as well as tunnel slides, splash pools, and a gigantic Typhoon Lagoon wave pool. Whether you are seeking to experience the thrills of dropping down a steep watery decline, or relax in the tranquil serienity of the ocean’s waves, Sandcastle Water Park can provide you with the Blackpool break from the heat that you need.

The Piers

Blackpool’s piers have been extended over the years to offer new shops, attractions, and food venues. Accommodating almost anyone’s taste and style, one can easily spend the day strolling along the pier. There are several access points to the coast many have found that the perfect day can be found in just strolling through the many different sectors of the pier while stopping and resting at the many attractive stops along the way.

Those seeking to get away from the shopping part of the pier, the historical pier (also known as the North Pier) was built in the 1860s. The pier was originally intended to be a promenade, but as the years have progressed, so has the need for other attractions to be added to the pier. The North Pier is also the location of the Talbot Road railway station. Once you have finished walking the North Pier, take a blackpool break by riding the historic carousel or have beer at one of the many taverns found along the pier.

Come take a break

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