Blackpool FC

In Blackpool the sport of football is taken very seriously. Blackpool FC is your number one resource for tickets for upcoming games and news about the teams and coaches for those teams. Here you can keep up with stats and information on individual players. In addition to tickets and information, the football club offers official clothing and plenty of memorabilia so you can support your team and be in style at the same time.

History of the Football Club

Hotels Near Blackpool FCBlackpool FC has a rich history that dates back to July 26, 1887. The football club not only had a successful beginning for eight years strait, but won the championship of 1893. The league had a bit of a rough patch in 1899 when their league status was revoked, but by 1900 they had redeemed their league status.

Throughout the years the support of the football club by the people of Blackpool has awarded the club a great many opportunities. The football club had a difficult patch in 1924 when finances for a concrete wall were unavailable, the community rallied around the club to come up with the money needed to complete the job and pay the debt against the club. The community support is still a major part of the football club, but instead of supporting the club by raising money the community now supports the club through ticket sales.

Blackpool FC Tickets

Ticket sales for Blackpool football club are always available on an individual basis and vary in price depending on the team being played. Season tickets are also available, but many people do not have the time to be at every single game. The football club has come up with a great way for you to buy tickets for the games you want at great discounts. The flexi ticket offers fans to purchase tickets in blocks of 4 or 6 for the games they want to attend. It is a great deal for those who want to go to support the football club by attending some of the games, but cannot commit to all 23 games in each season. A four game set of tickets is just £75 with the six game prices only £99 for a standard adult ticket. Discounted flexi tickets are available for seniors, ages 60+, and people under the age of 19.

Blackpool FC Membership

Strong supporters of Blackpool FC go to a number of games, but if you are truly into supporting your team, a membership is for you. The full membership to the club is only £25 and offers the member discounts on tickets and the package even comes with a wealth of memorabilia to show support for your team.

Blackpool FC Tours

For those of us who may be in town for a time, but are not actually able to attend a game, a tour is the perfect way to see all that you want to see. A tour of the stadium starts at a mere £10 and includes behind the scenes look at dressing rooms and an up close look at the FA cup and Playoff trophies. In addition to these sites you will be allowed into both the Presidential Suite and the Director’s box. The entire tour lasts between 1 ½ and 2 hours so if you want to do something fun on your trip to Blackpool without spending a great deal of money go check out the stadium tour.

Come and visit Blackpool

Once the games have been watched and the tours are over, you will want to find a place to rest your head for the night. Whether you are looking for a place to stay for a group of friend or your small family is here to serve you. The stadium can get quite hot and after cheering on the team for the win you will be less than fresh. There is no better place to freshen up than one of our hotels.

Many Blackpool hotels websites simply offer the user the ability to book a room and are often at a premium price. We work with the accommodations themselves to offer our users the best places to stay without the premium price tag. Other sites want you to merely purchase a room from them. We want you to enjoy the experience and find a true home away from home with our accommodations.

Blackpool is full of family friendly, fun places to enjoy your stay. As you wonder the streets around your chosen place to stay, you will encounter all the great things, both big and small, that Blackpool has to offer. Blackpool is home to some world renowned attractions that are sure to please even the most finicky of travelers.

We want your stay in Blackpool to be all it can be. Please enjoy touring our site and finding a hotel to stay that will allow you to relax and recoup after exploring all the illustrious places Blackpool has to offer.



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