Blackpool Zoo

Hotels Near Blackpool ZooFamily fun can be found in every corner of Blackpool, but for a truly memorable experience head down to the Blackpool Zoo. The zoo offers hours of entertainment. As most of us have seen through owning animals, they are unpredictable and hilarious at times. Your little ones will enjoy walking the paths through the zoo and seeing what is around the next corner. Each exhibit has a bit of information about the animals within the enclosure, so you will have the opportunity to allow your children to learn and they will not even know they are learning.

A Brief History of the Zoo

The site the Blackpool Zoo sits on now was not always used to house animals. In 1931 the site was used as the Blackpool Municipal Airport. Later, after WWII began, the site was used as a parachute training facility to help with the war effort. It was not until 1953 that the first animals were brought to the site for the Royal Lancashire Show. The show remained on the site as the oldest agricultural show in England until the year of 1972.

1972 the Blackpool Zoo was opened by Mr. Johnny Morris, the famous host of television’s Animal Magic, and The Mayor of Blackpool Mr. Johnny rode through the gates of the zoo while riding on an elephant on a very rainy July 6th day. The director of the Zoo, in those days was Cyril Grace.

The Zoo did not begin with all of the animals we know and love today. In the beginning Blackpool Zoo had a relatively limited number of animals on display, but through the years that followed, this once landing strip was transformed into the wonderland of animals that so many of us enjoy year after year. With the addition of new animals, new exhibits have been incorporated into the landscape, including Gorilla Mountain in 2000, the Red Panda exhibit that was completed in 2002, and Active Ocean bringing us the beloved penguins that opened in 2009. The last addition to the zoo was the development of the Orang-utan habitat in 2014.

With each passing year Blackpool Zoo looks for new and interesting ways to allow visitors to see animals from all over the world. In their efforts they hope to entertain, as well as, educate the people of Blackpool and surrounding areas on the animals and all that go into taking care of these wonderful creatures. Be sure to return to the zoo year after year to see what new exhibits can be found and what new things can be learned.

The Animals

The Blackpool Zoo is home to over 1500 animals. With all of these animals to be fed and cared for on a daily basis, you might think that the task is impossible, but you would be wrong. The zoo employees work diligently to ensure the health and well-being of each animal at the zoo. As we all know, different animals thrive in different parts of the world. The Blackpool Zoo has made it their mission to allow these animals to be on display while mimicking their natural habitat. Visitors will be astounded at the lengths which have been taken to keep the authenticity of the enclosures. Children will be thrilled as they tour the world without leaving Britain.


For a great experience, such as the Blackpool Zoo, you would expect to spend a great deal of money; however you will not have to spend much money at all for a great day among the animals. Tickets start at a mere £16.50 for an adult ticket. Children and senior adult tickets are also available for a discounted rate and children 3 and under are completely free. The Zoo also offers deals on group rates, as well as family discounts.

Come and visit the Blackpool Zoo

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