Blackpools Fame – A Rise In Power Since 1900

Blackpool is a place known worldwide for its beaches and attractions as well as its history. From its early beginnings until now the landscape of Blackpool has evolved and attracted all types of variations of characters. Today, it serves mostly as a hotel and resort location offering a level of comfort not seen in most modern coastal locations.

A brief history

Blackpool grew in popularity in the 18th century as people travelled to the coast to bathe in the sea water. At that time there was only a private road which stagecoaches could access the location by. Blackpool grew much in the 19th century, becoming a noted town when a railway system was built in 1846 from Poulton to Blackpool. In the late 1800s much development occurred along the sea front. North Pier and Central Pier opened between 1863- 1868 with both Raikes Hall Garden and Winter Gardens opening within ten year of the pier’s development.

Though most of the development of Blackpool was made in the late 1800’s, the sea front resort has seen much improvements and developments in the 1900s up to today. The attractiveness of The Pleasure Beach as well as the Winter Gardens even attracted Hitler (though luckily he did not succeed in taking it). In the 1920 to the late 30’s Blackpool saw the arrival of the Carnival, Stanley Park, Madame Tussaud’s Waxworks, and Blackpool College. An airport was also added in the early 1900s but was shut down in 2014.

Modern Blackpool

Blackpool has transitioned from being a multi-day resort to being a small stay resort and Bed and Breakfast location. The late 1970’s to 1990s sparked much change for the location. In 1972 Blackpool Zoo was added, Hounds Hill Centre was opened in 1980, The Sandcastle in 1986, and the Sea Life Centre in 1990. Where the location was once dominantly attractive to individuals seeking the waters of the sea in a secluded location, today the location has become more open to families and modern tourism. This is not to say that the location has lost its history. There has been an avid respect to the history of Blackpool which makes this location the prime spot to visit. The merger between the old and new remains well balanced. The Pleasure Beach still remains one of the dominant attractions of Blackpool as well as the Winter Gardens. The improvements to the piers and the expansion of the promenade have also kept the coastal frontage at the forefront of the location’s attractiveness. Blackpool, specifically, has been rebuilt so that it has headlands into the sea as well as the addition of new trams.

Key attractions of Blackpool

Blackpool has many attractions, but there are a few which remain iconic

Winter Gardens & Opera House Theatre – noted as one of the UKs biggest theatres, the garden is also one of the most popular. Hollywood stars such as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Bob Hope have all performed at the Opera House. The winter gardens are a collection of theatres, ballrooms, exhibitions halls and public spaces. The winter gardens and opera house first opened in 1878.

The Three Shores – Blackpool can actually be divided into three sections. These sections are the North, Central, and South Shore. The North Shore is the historical part of Blackpool and showcases much of the historical aspects of Blackpool, including the North Pier. The Central Shore focuses more on beach access where the South Shore is home to most of the modern attractions, bars, and attractions.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach – The Pleasure Beach is not a soft walk on the beach. It is actually an amusement park complete with rollercoasters, nickelodeon land, iconic rides, and of course an array of shows. Pleasure beach has been listed as the UK’s most famous theme park. Wristbands are available to help with the costs but admission will still run you around £21 plus the cost of admittance and other stuff such as food.

Visiting Blackpool

There are over 430 hotels which claim to service the Blackpool area. Like most tourist towns you can find the chain hotels, but what is the fun in that? A resort on the sea needs to have a great hotel to go with it. The top three hotels would be the North Ocean Hotel, Queens Promenade Hotel, and the Big Blue Hotel. Of course you can always look for the hotel which caters to kids and family or one that is more location driven. If you are looking for an upscale hotel then Blackpool FC Hotel or The Imperial Hotel may be the choice for you.

Regardless of the hotel which you choose or whether you are visiting Blackpool for its history or modern attractions, one thing is true. Blackpool is a spot which needs to be visited. Diverse in modern attractions, sea side access, and historical features, there is little that is not offered. It is in all respects the perfect vacation spot.



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